Lawyer Up

To lawyer up means to exercise one’s right to legal representation and to conduct matters in accord with legal formalities or so as to avoid legal risk.

We conceptualised Lawyer Up for people who want to start a business in Romania and who are looking for legal support and advice. The idea behind the project is to provide integrated services and a multidisciplinary approach to any legal situation. We work closely and have the support of expert accountants, intellectual property advisers, certified translators and insolvency practitioners.

Developing a business means passion, time, money, but also trustworthy people you can rely your trust on.

Areas of expertise and services

We offer representation services before the courts of law in dispute resolution cases, but also legal consultancy services.

The essence of legal consultancy is to prevent litigation and unpleasant situations. Legal consultancy could mean, among others:

  • Legal analysis of your business and providing the appropriate recommendations;
  • Compliance with the requirements of special legislation, such as data protection, consumer protection, competition law ;
  • Copyright and intellectual property law;
  • Insolvency and bankruptcy prevention;
  • Other
  • Drafting, negotiating and reviewing contracts, which should regulate as clearly as possible the framework of collaboration, the rights and obligations of the parties, but also special clauses regarding the limitation of their liability, penalty clause, confidentiality clause etc.;
  • Legal assistance and advice for the expansion of service areas in regulated sectors, which require the fulfilment of special conditions (such as taxi or ride-sharing services, marketing of cosmetic products, product labelling, etc.);
  • Drafting T&C (terms and conditions), confidentiality and data protection policy, as well as guidance in fair marketing and consumer protection for online businesses;
  • Implementing special procedures in regulated areas such as: data protection (GDPR), legislation for preventing and combating money laundering (AML, KYC) etc.;
  • Debt recovery;
  • Restructuring, reorganization, insolvency.
  • Services related to registrations of trademarks and designs at OSIM (Romanian State Office for Inventions and Trademarks);
  • Drafting a memorandum for OSIM regarding your application for registration of the trademark or design;
  • Assistance in raising objections or opposition to the registration of a trademark likely to cause confusion between your products and the products of a competitor;
  • Trademark transfer or license;
  • Copyright protection and plagiarism litigation, including damage claims.


If you are an Employer, I can assist you with:

  • Drafting internal labour regulations, Collective and Individual Labour Agreements and specific labour clauses (such as, non-competition clause, confidentiality clause, worker invention clause etc.);
  • Assisting and representation in negotiation for collective labour agreements;
  • Drafting and assisting in litigations regarding complains against ITM fines (Romanian Labour Inspectorate);
  • Assisting and representation in front of Romanian courts of law in labour disputes (e.g.: employer’s liability, pecuniary damages caused by employees etc.).


If you are an Employee, I can assist you with:

  • Disciplinary hearings and assistance in cases concerning abusive dismissal;
  • Unpaid salaries;
  • When negotiating your individual labour agreement, because you have this right and I can tell you if there are any abusive or unfavourable clauses;
  • Assisting and representation in front of Romanian courts of law in labour disputes (e.g.: harassment, bullying, discrimination etc.).
  • Control of legality of individual administrative acts issued by the public local or central authorities, such as: annulment of taxation decisions, decisions to establish payment obligations to the local budget, ministerial order etc.;
  • Disputes arising from the employment relationship of a civil servant, such as: annulment of dismissal decisions, annulment of administrative acts which formed the basis of the decision to dismiss etc.;
  • Pre-trial notifications and court petitions against the taxation decisions and other fiscal/administrative acts;
  • Appeal against the forced execution of fiscal executory titles;
  • Assisting public local authorities in matters of compliance with the legality of administrative acts, compliance with administrative procedures in special matters (e.g., expropriation for public utility), research, documentation and motivation of local administrative acts (e.g., mayor's order, local council decision, etc.).
  • Legal assistance in the matters of issuing and legality control of urban law administrative acts, such as town planning certificates, building permits, demolition permits;
  • Legal assistance in matters of approval and legality control of urban planning documents: Detailed Urban Plan (PUD), Zonal Urban Plan (PUZ), General Urban Plan (PUG);
  • Legal assistance regarding urban planning documents.

Social responsibility

We all have a responsibility to be the best version of ourselves and to bring our contribution to society through small acts and deeds. It is important to get involved and help marginalized people from disadvantaged social backgrounds (whether we are talking about Roma, members of the LGBT community, women, people with disabilities etc.). We get involved in society’s issues and set aside time each week for pro bono legal assistance and advice.

About me

My name is Cristina Filimon, I am a lawyer registered in the Bucharest Bar, and I can assist you in finding an optimal solution to a legal problem.

My role is to listen and understand the challenges you face, to provide the assistance and legal guidance you need, and to translate your ideas into a legal form.

My commitment to you is to provide quality legal services. The process is as transparent as possible, I always allocate time for research, analysis, to ensure the accuracy of the information and solutions I provide, and time for explanation and implementation of recommendations.

I respond promptly, to the point and look for a multidisciplinary approach, because every challenge has its own facets and the consequences extend on several levels.

Write me an email. Let's schedule a meeting and discuss your options.

Cristina Filimon

consultanta juridica

Others about me

Aurora Chițu, Civil servant, Head architect of a municipality

Cristina managed to change my whole destiny through her work. It took soul, knowledge and dedication to obtain a favourable court ruling for my reinstatement into the position from which I was abusively dismissed. Under the pressure of time, of the stakes involved and the complexity of the case, she intervened decisively in winning my case. Other cases followed. She always responds promptly, respects short deadlines and manages to work well under pressure. Even if the deadline was very short, she had the ability to analyse in depth and highlight the important and useful details to a case. She had the courage to deal with special areas - public administration, litigation with civil servants, administrative litigation - and managed to master the diversity of topics and specific legislation. I found in her the moral support I needed, candour and love for truth and justice. I also appreciated the humour and the warmth with which she knows how to approach the most difficult moments.

Georgiana Mitroiu, HR & Head of finance at

Our collaboration with Cristina started in 2018 for the implementation of the new norms regarding the protection of personal data (GDPR). Her way of working is professional and customer-oriented. Not everyone understands technical language, and for me it is very important to know exactly how to approach a situation or a legal issue. Cristina has the necessary capacity and patience for this. She is the type to explain to you every step, what are the options and help choose the best one for you. Every business needs legal advice and we recommend Cristina to all those who want a person they can rely on and who always completes any project handed to her, regardless of whether it is assistance for drafting commercial contracts, labour law or other civil matters. We have recommended her to many collaborators and I still recommend her because she is as how we believe that any lawyer should be: professional, honest, client-oriented and with a lot of patience!

Emilia Zamfir, Civil servant at a central public authority

Cristina Filimon is the person to whom you can entrust your case without fear, no matter how complicated it may be. And that's because she is highly educated, experienced and extremely serious. And, above all, she is a warm person, who inspires confidence from the first contact. She manages, in communication, to be very firm but, at the same time, elegant. I am glad that I had the opportunity to meet her, and I can only send her sincere congratulations for the way she approached the problems and wish her as many cases as possible. And all won.

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